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767 Is the Atlantic Airplane

  • The 767 contributed 54% of the total increase in available seats per week across the Atlantic in the last 16 years.
  • Total available seats per week increased by 130% during that time period.
  • Available seats per week decreased by 120,000 in 2001. November data, so the effects of the tragic events of September 11 2001 are included.
  • The 747 continues to contribute more available seats than any other airplane. This is the first year 777 carries more passenger then the 767.
  • Frequencies for the L-1011 have nearly evaporated and A310 and A300 frequencies are in steep decline.
  • The 777 contributes more available seats and more frequencies than the A340.
  • After the 777, frequencies and seat availability are increasing most quickly for the A330.
  • Boeing airplanes account for 81.6% of available seats, compared to 17.6% for Airbus.
  • Twin-engine airplanes fly more weekly frequencies than four- and three-engine airplanes combined; though the large capacity of the 747 helps the larger airplanes carry slightly more passengers per week.

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